‘Stuck’ in Edinburgh

Looks like I won’t be going anywhere this year. But when your home just happens to be Edinburgh, that’s not exactly the worst fate in the world. You might think this makes having a travel website a bit more of a challenge, but I’ve got that sorted. Until I can leave the country once again (no, I’m not in jail, just a bit po’er), I’ve been busying myself running around my adopted home, trying to find the cool stuff there is to do, to eat and to drink in Edinburgh. And yep, I thought about it for about three seconds and came up with anooooother website – Stuff Edinburgh.

If you’re planning on visiting Scotland’s capital, or just fancy a bit of a read and some nice pics, check it out. Stuff Edinburgh’s on Facebook too. There you’ll find a few more photos and interesting bits and pieces that aren’t on the website. And OK yeah, I’m also on Twatter. Ugghh.

Here’s hoping I’ll be back to sharing my embarrassing travel stories here soon…