The Cats of Paxos

Following on from my Cats of Istanbul post, I decided to continue to allow the evidence to pile up for my crazy cat lady trial one day by sharing some pics of all my favourite moggies from Paxos, Greece. Just like in Istanbul, I again suffered a severe case of empathy and affection for the street cats and set about giving them indigestion by supplying them with more food than their poor deprived bellies probably knew what to do with.

We stayed in an apartment about a fifteen minute walk out of Gaios, so the bulk of these cats are the little family that lived around the apartment. The poor things were noticeably thinner and riddled with more infections than the cats who hung around the town squares and they were very wary of humans, so mostly not inclined to want any direct contact with us. But we had to be very careful in any case not to get scratched and unwittingly bring home any diseases for our own cats, so it’s not like we were upset we couldn’t pick them up for a cuddle.

By the end of the week their individual personalities had come through, they were a lot more comfortable around us and, maybe we’re imagining this bit, they seemed all a lot healthier to have had a week’s worth of good feeds.

Paxos Cats

This is Buddy (Yes we named them, shut up). He was the friendliest and least scared of humans. The owner of our apartment’s husband described him thus –  “He’s my favourite, no dick, very smart!”

Paxos Cats

Here’s Champagne. Did you know when they spay a cat they chop a chunk off their ear? I did not. I just thought a hell of a lot of them had been street fighting.

Paxos Cats

Here’s Mummy (we put lots of imagination into these names!!) and her 4 kittens. We only saw the kittens after about 4 days. They hid in the bushes and only came out when she called them, so we made sure we fed her a lot so she could look after them.

Paxos Cats

This little one was the only kitten who had the guts to come out from behind that fence. It was definitely the runt of the litter and made a good attempt to eat that dry food, even – I hope you’re not eating while reading this – throwing up half way through, reingesting the throw up and eating away again. Niiiice. I doubt dry food like this is good for such a tiny kitten but what are you gonna do when you’re the runt and you’re starving?

Paxos Cats

Indulging the human with the big metal thing she keeps pointing at them.

Paxos Cats

Here’s Balls. Bet you can’t guess why we named him that? Balls had this worried look on his face all the time and after Buddy, was the most affectionate of the lot. I loved him. Poor little guy was also petrified of the massive alpha-male cat who showed up a couple of times, but to be fair so were the girls.



The Cats of Istanbul

Istanbul’s cats are quite the tourist attraction, but I had no idea they even existed till a few weeks before I got there. I’m sure they didn’t know I existed either, so we’re even. In case you couldn’t tell from my previous Istanbul post, I love the little furballs. Knowing I’d have a virtual army of them to keep me company whilst travelling alone made me happy. But when there, I was left in two minds. Well, actually I was left in about 100 minds. (more…)