Rovinj – in pictures

At the moment I’m busy using my words for a new blog, which I’ve cheekily called Stuff Edinburgh, so this post is my time saver way to  show you the beautiful Rovinj in Croatia.


So far, so Mediterranean…


They do love them a shutter or two and a coat of pastel paint in Rovinj don’t they?


More pastel and shutters at the end of Carrera Street, Rovinj’s main shopping street.


OK I think you’ve got it now… Rovinj is very pastel.


I never go past an opportunity to shoot an arch. Rovinj’s old town has plenty.


Judging from the postcard stands I went by, this might be the most widely photographed street in Old Town. Snap.


Oh look, more arches. And a scooter for good measure.


My biggest disappointment in Rovinj was the food. Now I know they have plenty of upmarket places, but I didn’t want to have to spend a fortune on food, so I stayed away. I tried three places and all the menus were virtually the same. Pretty plain stuff, as was the service.

Playing funny buggers with the view. That's one bonus about the Maestral restaurant - the view's nice.

Playing funny buggers with the view. That’s one bonus about the Maestral restaurant – the view’s nice.


If you’re not afraid of heights, a climb up the bell tower of the church of St Euphemia is a must.


Here’s what you’re rewarded with at the top.


Walking round the base of the Old Town, this guy tickled my fancy.


Also a must, is a trip to one (or more) of the nearby islands. Seeing Rovinj from a boat will make you fill up your camera’s memory card in record time.


We went to the Red island to try to escape the hordes along the Golden Cape Park Forest (actually a very cool stretch but too busy for me) and amazingly found this little spot – which of course the photo is not doing much justice. We had it all to ourselves for three whole afternoons, except for some unfortunately very amorous German naturists who joined us for a few hours on the second day. One day i might write about them, but for now let’s just say they took the term ‘exhibitionism’ to new heights.


Waiting for the next ferry back to the mainland is always better with a cocktail. Red Island’s Hotel Istra has a bar on the water’s edge. 40 Kuna or around £4 each was a pretty reasonable price for a resort.

Make sure you time your return for sunset and you'll get stunning cloudage like this.

Make sure you time your return for sunset and you’ll get stunning cloudage like this.



As expected, the Old Town looks just as stunning at sunset.

So, whaddayareckon? Pretty nice hey? Rovinj is in Istria, a part of Croatia that’s been having a moment for quite a while now. This time I was really just looking for a week of sun, but I’d love to go back and explore the area more. For this trip, Rovinj gave me all that I needed, well, except amazing, affordable food.

My biggest surprise was the number of German tourists. I’ve never been anywhere before where the language I heard the most by far on the streets was not the local one. So be warned, Rovinj is no longer a secret, it very much caters for tourists and nearly every restaurant/shop staff we spoke to greeted us with a choice of languages to converse in, “German, English, Italian or Croatian?” before attending to us.

I was there at the beginning of June, the temperature was around 30 degrees and the crowds were large but not overbearing. With the bonus of finding our little swimming spot, we hardly noticed them. It’s not a place I’d fall totally in love with, but I’ve certainly got a little crush. Next time I need a no fuss week of sun, sea and chilling, Rovinj just might get a chance to woo me again.



  1. Beautiful pics of a place I went to by bus on a daytrip from Pula. I remember really not wanting to leave, and we had to run to catch the last bus of the day. I also remember having a really nice, cheap seabass meal!

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