A Change in Direction

Reality bites. Being sensible sucks. And because I can’t think of any more eating metaphors to express my disappointment, I’ll just spit it out.

If you’ve read any of the previous posts on this blog, you’ll know that six months ago I was set to go shopping for my own little slice of dolce pie. I’d found the country, the region and even the town I wanted to buy a holiday home in. I’d spoken to real estate agents, confirmed I loved what was on offer, and more importantly, had the dosh in the bank to actually make a purchase.

And then life happened. And it happened all over me. Life with its bills and bad luck and illness and unemployment and rescued cats peeing on the furniture.

And because of this life, I’m afraid the savings are drying up quicker than Lindsay Lohan’s Hollywood job prospects. After much bottom lip dragging and self important wallowing, the decision has now been made to put the dream on hold, while Sensible Sally smacks me around the head regularly to remind me that a frequently unemployed immigrant might want to make her life a bit more stable before she spends every last penny on an Italian ‘Villa’ she won’t have the means to be able to spend any time in anyway.

Oh, I know, I know – First world problems!

And so this blog needs a new purpose. It will no longer specifically be about Italy and my experiences buying a property there, well not for quite some time anyway. I’m going to use it instead to document allllll my travels.

And hopefully, if you’ve enjoyed some of the Puglia stories so far, you’ll come back every now and then and see what I’ve been getting up to in the rest of the world, and see whether I’ve managed to get a grip. Or a job.



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