Where’s De Winter?

Well… that’s about all the stories I can squeeze out of my May trip to Puglia. I’ve booked the next one for late September and between now and then will attempt to figure out how to make contact with Real Estate Agents. My goal for September is to see as many apartments as I can so I can get a proper understanding of the current property market and what, realistically, my money will get me.

If you have seen my other blog The Bum Diaries, you’ll know I have taken a year off work. That year is almost up so I’ve started the job hunt again. Unfortunately that also means I’m out of moola and to survive I’m now dipping into my Italy savings. So exactly what I’ll be able to afford to buy and where it is located is very much going to be dictated by what’s left in the bank and how long it takes to get a job. Oh and the Aussie dollar is currently making a spectacular plunge after a couple of years of never before seen highs.

Thanks very much Australia. Bloody wonderful timing.

So – what I’m saying is there’s going to be a lull of posts on this here De Winter Retreat. I did have one little story from Naples to tell you, but I entered it into a competition so can’t publish it yet. I thought it was pretty good (considering I only found out about the comp 5 days before it closed) and actually thought I might have a chance – until I checked out some of the past winners once mine had already been sent off. I know, I know – Goodonya Nat! Must check style guides first…

A quick peruse told me my style was about 180 degrees from what they were looking for. Boo. Mine was smart-alec self deprecation, as per usual. They seem to want earnest and laden with fluffy analogy. So you can expect to see that post on here around the middle of August, once I get official confirmation it was rejected.

In the meantime, you can always pop over to The Bum Diaries and see if any of my tales of unemployment and expat discoveries amuse you, or if you want to know if something’s worth watching, have a look at What Did Nat Think of It and I might have reviewed it.

See you in a couple of months with more tales of Puglia… and judging by what I wrote about this time, probably more evidence of my gluttony.

Enjoy your summer, and if you need some more inspiration to visit southern Italy, here’s four reasons why it’s my favourite region of the world (the Amalfi Coast this time).

day 8 part 1 068

italia 2011 day 6 015

Italia 2011 day 4 007

Italia 2011 day 4 005


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