Food, glorious (Italian) food


As I mentioned in my last post, before I went to Puglia in May I was fortunate to make contact with Caroline Edwards, advocate/promoter/endorser of all things worth knowing in Puglia. Caroline took me along to a tasting session with a company in Martina Franca called Selecto, and I was able to sample some of Puglia’s scrummy local products.

Selecto take the best local delicacies, source the best producers of those delicacies in all of Puglia, then package them under the brands Tebamia (for supplying restaurants and retailers) and Deapulia (for online orders). If you’re already familiar with Puglian food, maybe you’ve long wished for another taste of hard to find cheeses like cacciocavallo, provolone or peccorino. Or maybe you dream about peperonettto (peppers stuffed with tuna), soppressata (spicy sausage) or confettura di cipolla rossa (red onion jam). Or maybe you just remember that you had some of the best wine of your life in Puglia. Well, even though I’m sure a quick trip to Italy to stock up would be lovely, you don’t have to get on a plane to taste them again because Selecto deliver worldwide. All hail the wonders of the internet!

And if you just happen to be in Puglia right now, get in contact with them and arrange a visit to their shop in Martina Franca. You won’t be able to resist making a purchase or two, so best bring something to take them home in. An empty suitcase should just about do it.

If mere words aren’t enough to tempt you, here’s some pictures I took:



bite sized Peperonetto…


The quality of the packaging makes it a perfect gift too (if you can bare to share)…




And this is what they’ve got in the fridge…



Convinced yet? Well OK then. Here’s all the details:


Via Mottola, Zona Industriale 3/D, 74015 Martina Franca, telephone +39 080 4807686 ,

Tebamia –   Deapulia

Oh and while we’re on the subject of food, I also mentioned in my last post Catherine and Brian Farris, who I met at the tasting at Selecto. If you’ve read anything on Puglia you’ll know they are renowned for their olive oil production. And just like Selecto, you can now order Catherine and Brian’s Pascarosa olive oil anywhere in the world. Check out their site, or have a read of Catherine’s lovely blog Nuovastoria which follows her and Brian’s three year project, from leaving US to launching the first shipment of Pascarosa just this month.

And don’t forget, if you’re thinking about a holiday to Puglia, have a look at Caroline’s Personal Puglia website, where she can help you with accommodation, itineraries, day trips, activities and best of all – food tastings!  


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